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7:30 - 8:50 am

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9:45 - 10:30

10:45 - 11:30

11:30 - 12:15 pm

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3:25 - 4:10

4:10 - 5:00

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5:15 - 5:20

5:20 - 6:30

Remarks: Welcome from Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski

Reception: Registration & Continental Breakfast

Presentation: Dr. Jeff Cole’s Depth of the Field

Panel: Gaming the System–A New Market for Indie Game Producers

Panel: Rise of the Influencer–A New Type of Celebrity

Networking Coffee Break (15 min)

Panel: A Virtual Future–The AR/VR Race to Launch

Travel Break (5 min)

Lunch: Roundtable Discussions in Film/TV, Music, Social Media, AR/VR, Gaming, and Law (advance sign-up required)

Travel Break (5 min)

Music Performance: VadaWave

Presentation: Doug Lichtman’s Copyright & Wrong

Panel: Ace in the Whole–Flexible Artistry in Music

Networking Coffee Break (15 min)

Panel: An Industry Upended–Making Space for New Voices

Keynote Conversation: Abigail Disney & Keke Palmer

Music Performance: Tyler Glenn

Remarks: Farewell

Reception: Hors D'oeuvres, Beer & Wine

Summit concludes at 6:30 PM


Block 2: Lecture

Block 2: Activity

Block 2: Masterclass

Break (5 min)

Block 1: Lecture

Break (15 min)

Block 1: Activity

Reception: Registration & Buffet Brunch

12:00 - 1:00

11:00 - 12:00 pm

1:00 - 1:30

1:35 - 2:20

2:35 - 3:35

3:35 - 4:05

4:10 - 4:55

Block 1: Masterclass

Break (5 min)


Industry Survey: Depth of the Field

Dr. Jeff Cole (USC Annenberg) will look at current trends in film and TV and make predictions about what’s next. Two trends that will be examined in detail are (1) how SVOD services, such as Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, are displacing both the traditional television world and the theatrical movie businesses; and (2) why Rupert Murdoch sold most of his empire to Disney and whether this is the beginning of massive structural change in the industry.

Entertainment Law Review: Copyright & Wrong

Professor Doug Lichtman (UCLA Law) will lead us through a review of the year's biggest copyright law moments. We will look not only at the key cases—including a few that might have slipped under the radar—but also at some of the events, product launches, and decisions that might well reverberate with equal force in the years ahead.



Gaming the System: A New Market for Independent Game Producers

Last year, the gaming industry made roughly $90 billion in sales worldwide. That’s more than double what movies made at the box office last year. With such a growing market, where do indie game developers fit in, and how are they changing the industry?

Rise of the Influencer: A New Type of Celebrity

Across every industry, individuals are growing their social media platforms to increase their influence, and are making a lot of money in the process. How does a person create influence and where is the industry headed?

A Virtual Future: The AR/VR Race to Launch

Billions are being spent on the development of augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) because it’s seen as a lucrative market disruptor. The five biggest companies dominating the AR/VR market have different (and competing) visions for our collective adoption of virtuality. Who will win the race to replace the physical world, and how?

Ace in the Whole: Flexible Artistry in Music

The music industry is shifting from recording and touring to licensing because of the proliferation of video and interactive content. What is the relationship between music, gaming, AR/VR, and film/TV, and what opportunities exist for musicians to expand their craft into new verticals?

An Industry Upended: Making Space for New Voices

As the entertainment and media worlds confront a culture of pervasive sexual misconduct and complicity, the movement for change in Hollywood continues to take shape. What will the new power structure in Hollywood look like, and will it make a difference in the stories we tell and consume?


Registrants may attend any two workshop sessions in film/TV, music, social media, AR/VR, and gaming. Entertainment Law workshops in film and music are designed for attorneys.

Finding the Money: Navigating the World of Film Financing

Every film has its own unique mosaic of funding sources. Ross Putman sheds light on the different parts of the financing puzzle and sketches a realistic path to getting a project financed.

Work with Ross Putman (FIRST GIRL I LOVED) to develop a financing strategy for your project.

Hear from an acclaimed producer, Michele Weisler, about how she was able to bring projects to life and work with various funding sources to get films off the ground.


Start with the Hook: The Art of Songwriting


Songwriter and musician Joshua James leads you through creative idea generation, strategies for co-writing, creating killer lyrical content, and maybe even a hit song.

Put these new tools to work by co-writing one large-group song or several small-group songs and receive personalized feedback from Joshua James.

A music publishing executive, James Burnett,  shares tips and tricks to song placement in film/TV and games, and top strategies to start earning royalties.

Influencer Bootcamp: Building Your Social Media Presence


Join us for a crash course in best practices in social media, where you will learn about cross-platform content creation, dissect virality, discuss the long narrative, and hear tips for cultivating and maintaining your personal brand from expert Emmy Lowe.

Work with Emmy Lowe to actually create content, design a posting plan, and develop strategies for sharing content far-and-wide.

Hear from a social media professional about how they got their start, the tools that helped them build a career in the social media space, and how others can achieve similar success.


Reality Transformation: Designing AR/VR Immersive Experiences

Learn techniques from Joe Gabriel to communicate the value of AR/VR to key stakeholders (e.g., client, agency, boss, professor), introduction to best practices for VR design, and essential UX considerations to achieve your ideal experience.

Joe Gabriel guides you through making your first VR storyboard, starting with just pen & paper, then translating your 2D designs into a 3D storyboard using VR design tools. Please bring Windows 10 or Mac laptop (useful but not required).

Hear from Ben Hesson about how he was able to break into the industry and his advice for crafting a successful career.

Life after Launch: Making Your Game Someone Else’s Hobby


Start thinking about your game as a service instead of a one-off product. Stephane Imbert gives tips to take advantage of server-driven features and community development, review management, budgeting, forecasting, and marketing resources.

Stephane Imbert guides you through creating a focused worksheet and a strategy for your future project.

Hear from Clark Stacey about working in live service development and get real-world examples, humorous stories and descriptions of elements that worked and didn’t, paving the way to running a successful live service.

Entertainment Law Bootcamp: Film


Karen Barna, a seasoned entertainment attorney,  provides an overview of the contractual requirements of filmmaking, focusing on chain-of-title and the structure of film finance.

Karen Barna directs a role-play exercise with a client who wants to make a movie and needs your expertise and guidance.

Seasoned entertainment attorney Janis Nelson (Cowan DeBaets) walks you through conflict-of-interest scenarios with timely examples of critical contract provisions.

Entertainment Law Bootcamp: Music


Mike Dowdle, a seasoned entertainment attorney, provides an overview of music licensing in film/TV, gaming, and digital services, including discussions focused on properly identifying rights owners and avoiding common pitfalls in music licensing.

Mike Dowdle reviews typical music licensing deals, identifies rights owners, discusses key negotiation points, and engages you in negotiation exercises for music licensing.

Who represents whom? Ethical considerations and conflicts of interest that arise in the representation of composers and publishers with music attorney Steve Pacitti

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